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Hammer Products

Hammer Gel

Unit QTY: packets or 26 serving bottles
Common Uses: Use as a primary source of calories during exercise/competition lasting up to two hours.

Sustained Energy

Unit QTY: Packets
Common Uses: Long distance exercise fuel supplement.

Perpetuem Extreme Endurance Fuel All-in-One Drink Mix

Price: 150.00
Unit QTY: Packet or Container (32 servings
Common Uses: Use as a primary source of calories during exercise/competition lasting more than two hours.

Recoverite Glutamine Fortified Recovery Drink

Unit QTY: Packet or Container (32 servings
Common Uses: Use immediately following workouts and races to optimize recovery - glycogen replacement, electrolyte replacement and muscle tissue repair. Recoverite can also be used as a Meal Replacement Product (MRP).

Hammer HEED High Energy Electrolyte Drink

Price: Packets or Container (32 servings)
Unit QTY:
Common Uses: HEED may be used as the sole fuel during exercise lasting up to two hours, fulfilling all your calorie and fluid requirements, and most-to-all of your electrolyte needs. HEED may also be used as a partial source of calories and electrolytes when exercising for periods in excess of two hours.

Premium Insurance Capsules

Price: 29.95
Unit QTY: 30 packets
Common Uses: Comprehensive nutritional foundation to maintain peak overall health and well-being through the rigors of training, competition and everyday life.

Liquid Endurance-Heat Tolerance Drink Mix

Price: 21.95
Unit QTY: 16 oz
Common Uses: Increase sweat for evaporative cooling, improve fat metabolism, lower heart rate during endurance exercise.

Hammer Gel bottles

Unit QTY:
Common Uses:

Endurolytes-Electrolyte Replenishment Capsules

Price: 17.95
Unit QTY: 120 capsules
Common Uses: Use prior to, during, and after workouts to satisfy the body's electrolyte requirements with maximum precision.

Anti-Fatigue Capsules-Ammonia Neutralizer

Price: 17.95
Unit QTY: 90 capsules
Common Uses: Although Anti-Fatigue Caps is designed primarily for ammonia reduction in long distance events, many of the nutrients in the formula are excellent for helping counteract everyday fatigue, even chronic fatigue symptoms.

Energy Surge “Energy on Demand”

Price: 18.95
Unit QTY: 30 tablets
Common Uses: Energy Surge is an ideal supplement for use prior to and during off-season weight training sessions as it provides readily available energy for these explosive-type exercises.

Race Caps Supreme

Price: 45.95
Unit QTY: 90 capsules
Common Uses: Enhance energy and endurance, reduce muscle fatigue, increase workload capacity, enhance recovery

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